Please use REDBAR banners as-is

  • Posted on: 15 February 2013
  • By: memcinto

From Paul Tumarkin (

We request that people don't make modifications to the REDBAR web banners or their code when implementing. They're designed to be used "as-is" for consistency and quality. We've had a few folks use them -- but with modifications -- and that tends to mess up the consistency of the brand (and can affect quality, too).

If folks have specific requests regarding colors or alternatives that they don't see shown, they can certainly contact me or Leslie Johnston ( or Chris Green (, but we ask that they do so BEFORE they modify anything. That way everyone avoids rework and we can all work together to contribute to the growth of the brand image.

If people have questions, they can always contact me, ok? (

-- Paul Tumarkin

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