Web Standards Discussion with Molly Holzschlag

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


  • Next Meeting (May): UA Marketing Research
  • June meeting: UA Itunes and Utunes
  • Dawn will be setting up accessibility workshops soon


Web Standards
Molly Holzschlag

  • Molly has written 35 books on web development, has been on the w3c, and has worked with developing web standards since the beginning of the web.
  • Our users would prefer the UA site to be consistent from department to department; How can you get consistence when each department wants their own look?
  • To move toward a more consistent site, maybe a common font styles, font sizes, etc. Maybe stronger standards.
  • More emphasis on branding.
  • Problem with encouraging standards in a decentralized environment, different skill levels and lake of time/funding to get the work done.
  • The sooner you work on the infrastructure and have a strong infrastructure, you will be able to adapt to change more readily and have more agility to change.
  • IE 8, known bug: background images in table cells buggy, repeats images. there are validation mistakes in the code
  • Stuff can break stuff in IE8. recommend to look at sites in IE8. workaround: there is a meta switch that can make it work like IE7.
  • About 95 percent IE use on campus; 500 billion installs of IE world wide or 1/12 of the total population using IE.
  • IE is transiting to allow you to work better on building sites that are up to the standards.
  • IE is the only browser left that has original code from mosaic. IE 6 had so many security holes that home land security sent out message to business telling them if they have sensitive information, to remove ie 6 from their systems.
  • IE 7 has fixed the security holes and they addressed many of the standards issue. There is a flaw in the Trident rendering engine that forces IE to render sites different. Because of the problems with trident, Microsoft made the decision to build a new rendering engine for IE8. IE 8 moves toward a truly standards based browser when running in the default standards mode.
  • IE8 meta switch has been an extremely contentious issue. IE was going to ship in a way that required you to download and setup a meta that would make it up to standards instead of shipping with it by default.
  • Yahoo juku program -- a recruitment program for frontend engineers. when hired, they put them through 3 months of intensive training. Yahoo wants to make their training curriculum available to anyone for free providing web developers with great training material.
  • Molly provides intensive web dev training 4 times a year called "train the trainer program". 2 full days of mark up, best practices, css, project management. limited to 6 people. all vetted. you have to have your department head vouch for you. The program is free. They must commit to a year or more to training others. held in Tucson.
  • Social event -- monthly meetup for people in web development. happy hour. next Thursday 17th 5:30 - 8 at the Trident.
  • Q. How much longer can we support straight html sites? It will probably be around a very long time. With the doctype switching, you can make older sites work.
  • There is a lot of visual, audio stuff going into HTML5 that there has concerns and conflict about accessibility issues.