Druapl Webform Walkthrough

The Webform module is the easy way to create surveys, contact, and registration forms in Drupal. After a submission, users may be sent an e-mail "receipt" as well as sending the results to one or more configured contacts. All of the form entries can be exported into Excel or other readable formats. An administration "grid-view" allows the submissions to be viewed in a table view or by statistical tallies.

Lets get started!

Verify that the Webform module is enabled.


To begin a Webform project, click Add content, Webform. If Webform does nopt appear as a content type, verify that the module is enabled.


Begin by adding a title and a descritption.

Click Save. Now its time to add the fields that the user will fill out. In the "New component name" box, enter the name of your first record, in this case "First Name".


Now we have to tell Drupal what kind of data we expect "First Name" to be. Click the "Type" dropdown and highlight "Textfield".


You will presented with a detailed settings screen for the new component you added. For this walkthrough we are going to skip to the bottom of the page and click "Save component" with the default settings.


Duplicating the previous step for Last Name, we do something different for the Email Address by selecting "email" in the Type dropdown. This will instruct Drupal to scan for a valid email format (including an @ symbol and an address suffix) for this field. Lastly, "Event Feedback" is a Text Area type. This is the form component that allows users to enter multiple lines of test.


Great. Lets click on the View tab to see all our hard work in its final form.


Cool. Click the Webform link to go back to our editing panel.


Clicking the lower E-mails button will let us define what occurs after a user fills out our form.


The first address will be the primary reciepient of our form submission. Add an address and click the Add button.


Ignore all the comlpicated setting for now and click Save e-mail settings.


Now lets and another e-mail component to send the user a receipt. We will configure this in the next step.


In the first highlighted region, click the Component radio button and select Email Address from the dropdown. "Email Address" actually refered to the field we added to our webform earlier - this copy will go to whatever address was added into the form when submitted. You can also customize the fields below.


And save.


Test run time!


Very soon after your test submission, you will hear the pleasent sound of Outlook notifying you of a successfull submission!

The last thing to touch on is the Result panel. Here you can view all the submisson to date and export them as you wish. Questions or comments? Feel free to contact us.