"Build a responsive mini-site with Bootstrap"

presented by Jonathan Santos
When: Wednesday, April 13 @ 2-3pm
Where: TBA


Need a quick mini-site in a few days?
Is a full Drupal build overkill or not possible without access to a developer?
There is hope!
You can build a customized, responsive (mobile) mini-site yourself with the Bootstrap framework with very little HTML or CSS experience. Jonathan Santos from the College of Engineering will explain what the Bootstrap framework is, how to download it, and demonstrate the basic use by building an example site in just a few minutes. Note: This is a beginner level "How To" for building specialized mini-sites.
Note: UA Bootstrap and/or UA Zen will not be covered.




"UA Bootstrap "

presented by Frankie Reynoso
When: Wednesday, February 10 @ 2-3pm
Where: TBA
Join the UA Web Developers Group this Wednesday for a presentation on UA Bootstrap with Frankie Reynoso!
UA Bootstrap is the University of Arizona’s flavor of Twitter Bootstrap, a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. This presentation will demonstrate the improvements that have been made to UA Bootstrap recently.   
Frankie Reynoso is one of the Web Designers on the UA Digital team. He is also part of the Campus Web Services team. The UA Digital shared assets team is a cross functional team tasked with developing shared digital assets for the University.
When: Wednesday, February 10
Where: TBA
We hope to see you there!




"Drupal 6 - Drupal 7 Content Migration"

presented by Kavitha Pattah


If you missed the presentation on January 20th, here is a summary and link to the full Drupal 6 - Drupal 7 Content Migration process by Kavitha Pattah.
Description: In order to upgrade your site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, the content of your D6 site must be migrated to your new D7 site. We will show how we typically work through this process using a few modules such as Views, Views Export, Feeds & Feeds Import; as well as covering a few items like adjusting time and date formats, changing field values and image/file imports.



2014 Overall Best Website goes to Campus Recreation!

Congratulations to the Campus Recreation Web Team for winning the inaugural University of Arizona Web Developer’s “Overall Best Website” award for 2014!

A total of 71 individual people submitted 221 votes from around the campus and voted on the categories of:

  • Prettiest (nicest design)
  • Meatiest (beefiest and juciest content)
  • You Are Here (most coherent and intuitive navigation and content structure)

The overall results were
Campus Recreation 34% (362 points)
College of Engineering 14% (150 points)
Special Collections 12% (133 points)
Eller Buzz 11% (122 points)
Make Eller Greater 10% (114 points)
Humanities Seminars Program 9% (106 points)
Arizona Medical Marijuana 7% (76 points)

Congrats to all. We look forward to seeing what great sites get built this year as we plan to honor the best of the best for 2015!


UA Web Developers Group

This is a group for anyone interested in the latest trends, techniques, and tips in web design and development. We meet up once a month to share ideas and engage in lively discussion about best practices and new developments in the web frontier. We look forward to interacting with the diverse group of web professionals in Tucson.

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