ARIA Made Easy

Jeff Bishop of the Disability Resource Center will be presenting on using ARIA to improve web accessibility.

As you are developing web-based technologies here at the University of Arizona you should utilize as much accessible technology and tools that you can to insure the widest accessible experience for all of our users. ARIA is one way to accomplish this task. This presentation is designed to guide you in the use of ARIA and to point you to a wealth of additional resources where you can learn more.

The following things will be discussed:

  • When to use ARIA.
  • Discuss how screen readers interact with your browser.
  • Discuss the basics of ARIA (Landmarks, Roles, Properties and States).
  • Validating your ARIA aware code.
  • Creating more accessible forms (labeling techniques, handling required and invalid fields, error handling, and tabindex rules).
  • Bringing the desktop experience to screen readers (ARIA Application roles).
  • Hiding content from the screen reader.
  • ARIA Alerts and Live Regions.
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
2:00 - 3:00 pm
Student Union, Agave Room
Jeff Bishop