Drupal Syndication (8-May-2013)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
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Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Presenter: Margrit McIntosh


  •     Nominations for UA Web officer positions will be open as of the next meeting. Elections in June.
  •     Next Mobile Responsive Design Working Group is Wednesday April 24th at 2pm - location TBA
  •     "Site-in-a-box" will be formally launched in May, after the training site is complete. For a sneak peek, visit http://siteinabox.arizona.edu/
  •     The July UA Web meeting will be canceled in favor of the IT Summit (http://itsummit.arizona.edu/).

Powerpoint file of Drupal Syndication Presentation

Q & A

Q: have you ever run into issues with importing Date fields when importing from places like ua news?
A: Rules module is helpful to transform dates on save. Feeds has date conversion abilities.

Q: How you run feeds on demand?
A: There's an update tab on the importer content type. Or, go to /import on your site.

Q: Can you talk more about shadow fields?
A: In the College of Medicine site, the views that display people have logic to display the shadow field if present, otherwise the default (UA official from EDS) field.

Q: How are you doing vertical tabs on node edit on the College of Medicine site?
A: I didn't implement this - probably a module.

Q: I've had problems with Aggregator not accepting feeds not ending in RSS.XML
A: Sorry, don't know how to help.