Drupal Workshop Series - Dynamic content creation (Mar. 12, 2014)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12 Webmasters meeting

Officers present: Mike H., Jonathan S., Margrit M.

Advisors present: Mark F.




(1) UA Webmasters will hold a special meeting, probably next week, for UA Marketing to present information about web branding and the new arizona.edu site. Stay tuned for details.


(2) BioCommunications will be posting a web-related job announcement soon.

This is a great group to work for. Stay tuned for details.


(3) UITS has a tool available for load-testing websites. Contact Mark Fischer for details (fischerm@email.arizona.edu).




Drupal Workshop Series - Dynamic content creation presented by Jonathan Santos


This workshop will be added to the uaweb site as one in a series of Drupal

Tutorials:  http://uaweb.arizona.edu/drupal-tutorials-and-tips

Content from last month's presentation has been added -- Webform

Walkthrough: http://uaweb.arizona.edu/druapl-webform-walkthrough


Dynamic content, using Engineering sites and Jonathan's portfolio site as examples. Benefits of using dynamic content, and a few quick examples.


(1) Internal news ticker of fresh content on the site.

Example using a View with a Block Display to show recent content.

Slideshow transitions. Block settings. Demonstrate block regions.

Selecting a preset for an image field in a View. Reordering fields in a View. Style settings for individual fields.


(2) Slideshow

More about image styles, creating a new image style.

Add a new Block Display to the existing View. Placing the new block.


(3) Presenting content from other sites using RSS.

Go to uanews.org, look for their RSS symbol, select Sports. Grab the URL for that feed.

Drupal configuration -> Feed aggregator.

Add feed. Title it. Paste in the URL to the RSS feed from uanews. Say how often you want to pull.

Number of items.

Then, "Update items"

Automatically creates a block for you. Enable and place this block, set what pages to show it on.

Full tutorial is being created and the link will be provided soon