Elections - Scampi 2000 - The Scalable Multipurpose Interocitor

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UA Web Developers 2011 Jun 08

Elections: The Chair and Secretary positions are due for elections.
Mike Hagedon nominated himself for Chair, vote was unanimous.
No nominations for the Secretary position. This position is now vacant.

Scampi 2000
The Scalable Multipurpose Interocitor
Joey Leingang and Jason Katterhenry

See attached presentation - PDF 5.5MB

Q. How do you recommend someone learn Python?
A. Give them a reason... Django. See djangoproject.org.

Q. How do you use this?
A. It was developed for the particular workflow at AZPM. At FSO, it's used for internal purposes.

Q. Is Scampi available to other units?
A. It's under the BSD license, but there's no installer. But email Joey for the source.

Q. Is Picker custom to Scampi?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you talk about the requirements-gathering process?
A. The original, most important requirement was that the new AZPM website had to integrate all of the properties KUAZ, KUAT-FM, etc.
Otherwise Joey and Jason pretty much had free reign.