Google Analytics (Oct. 9, 2013)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Presenter: Ginger Bidwell

Questions and Answers

Q: Obsessed with Analytics - what do you tell a client who hits their own webpage over and over and then is disappointed to not see those clicks on the GA report? (Note: the recorder of these minutes knows EXACTLY WHO THIS IS)

A: These things may help:

  • Pageviews and other metrics may not show up in the reports until the next day
  • Show the client the "Watch Traffic Live" report: right under Standard Reports, select Real Time, then one of the options below there. (Overview will show Returning versus New)
  • If the visitor does not have javascript enabled, clicks won't be tracked
  • Because clicks from the same user don't register as unique, direct the client to Pageviews rather than Unique Pageviews.
  • Be aware of domain-name issues - you may have to set up separate Views/Profiles if the site is available under multiple domains.

Q: Events - could we hear more details about tracking events? How do you get event tracking into the embedded code?

A: Check these pages at GA for more info about the embed code:
In Drupal, you use the GA module configuration to set up event tracking.

Q: Could you distinguish filters and advanced segments again?

A: With advanced segments you can look at your historical data. With filters you can't.
Also, ALWAYS keep one profile/view that has NO FILTERS or you will lose data.

Announcements at this meeting:

  1. Mobile Matters Symposium, Oct. 21, all day
    Save the date and RSVP for the next Mobile Matters Symposium, October 21, 2013, in the SUMC Grand Ballroom.
  2. Responsive Design Working Group, Oct. 23, 2pm
    We are having another meeting of the Responsive Design Working Group on Oct 23rd at 2pm at the Computer Center, room 303 – Innovation Station. This meeting will be an open discussion of current projects and topics for future meetings.
  3. Site-in-a-Box User Meeting, Oct. 28, 3-5pm
    This first meeting for site owners or anyone interested in Site-in-a-Box will include a demo on Using Site-in-a-Box for Events and Registration followed by Q&A, networking, and discussion of topics for future meetings.
    Mon, Oct 28 3-5pm SU Ventana Room