Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Officers present: Cheri, Mike, Samrat


  • The meeting topic schedule is complete through the end of the year.
  • There will be a survey sent out about desired topics soon.
  • From Kelley Bogart: a mandatory web developer training is coming out soon.
  • From Kelley Bogart: every internet-facing application will be required to have AppScan run against it annually.
  • From Kelley Bogart: the ISO office will be working with IBM to bring someone to give a class to train AppScan experts on campus.
  • Q: Is there talk about getting more licenses for AppScan?
  • A: Yes, but not right now.
  • Possible class dates: Aug 9-10 or Aug 11-12.
  • Kelley: there have been changes to the Application Security Standard.

Presentation: Illume
Presenter: Ashi Singh, Office of Institutional Research/Planning Support

  • This is free to anyone who has a NetID.
  • Each user must go through training in order to use the support structure (see There is a small cost ($250-300).
  • Illume is a survey tool.
  • [Demo]
  • The presentation is very configurable.
  • Basic form elements are available.
  • Image maps are available.
  • It is possible to embed video, audio, images.
  • Illume has been available on campus for 2 years, but not accessible until recently.
  • Q: How many people on campus are using Illume?
  • A: Unknown, but OIRPS has trained 50 people. AHSC uses it a lot.
  • Illume has very flexible reporting.
  • It does not integrate with campus systems.
  • Detailed roles are available, e.g., Administrator, Analyst, Designer, Remote Data Collector, Viewer.
  • There are various levels of security built in.
  • It integrates with SPSS.
  • Data can be downloaded as csv or viewed as HTML.
  • You can input test data and keep it separate from production data.
  • There is a SDK.
  • Q: Can the SDK be used to integrate with, say, Shibboleth?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Besides the branding, does Illume give extensive control over the styling, etc.?
  • A: Yes.
  • has forums for asking questions; OIRPS pays close attention to the forums.
  • If there is enough interest, a training session may be offered near the end of summer.
  • Q: Are there samples / screenshots available?
  • A: No, but we will consider it.