July Open Forum

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Various topics were discussed and a good time was had by all.

- Some of the performance issues that arose when UA News launched their new site. This led to a more general discussion of Drupal performance issues and solutions.

- Useful and/or fun tools:  Wapplyzer (Firefox plugin that shows website technologies used) ShowIP (shows the IP address of websites) "Translate This" Drupal module (you can see this in action by going to the Arizona Health Sciences Library site, http://ahsl.arizona.edu, navigating off the front page, and then look for the "Translate This" button in the left sidebar. Uses Google Translate. Quality not assured.)

- Discussion of Dreamweaver templates and snippets, and when one might want to move on to php snippets - or a content management system.

- Using backbone.js, which seems to be better than a random pile of javascript and incorporates some MVC structure into your javascript.

- Technique used for a hybrid multisite/not-multisite Drupal setup, where several websites share the same database, and involves manually overwriting some Drupal variables in the database.

-  Discussion of the new Retina display and how it is or might be in the future possible to handle the differing image-pixel to physical-display-pixel mapping problem / image resolution problem.

- Question via Elluminate about the physical architecture for the uanews.org site.