The New REDBAR and UA Web Branding

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Paul Tumarkin, External Relations - Marketing
Chris Green, External Relations - Marketing
Kate Jensen, External Relations - Marketing
Bernadine Cannon, UITS
Rebecca Macaulay, Student Affairs Systems Group

Paul: Web Standards and the UA Brand
* RedBar 2.0 will "soft launch" in a few weeks
* The UA Web group community will be asked to help review the site
* Sept. 27: Mobile Matters Symposium 2012

Bernadine: Site-in-a-Box
* An offering for non-technical content managers who need a quick simple website for their department or program.
* Some limited theme choices available (12 in all)
* Theme is based on Omega but is not the same as Rebecca's Lambda theme (last month's presentation)
* Mostly free, although a "full service" option (which might involve website maintenance) might have a small fee
* Self-serve training
* Responsive site design
* Pilot start date Sept. 24

Chris: Making branding easier
* Premade mobile toolbar / banner options
* Banner images and links hosted on Ext Rel server
* Many different versions of the banner, with or without links to:
  UA Search
  UA Phonebook
  UA Calendar / Events
  UA Campus Map
* Rebecca's Lambda Drupal 7 theme will be available as a download from RedBar.
* Git repository for source code

Rebecca: more info on the Lambda theme

Discussion and questions touched on:
* Yes the Mobile Matters Symposium will be available via Elluminate or some other online-sharing tool.
* Chris will come up with different ways to display the banners to make them more easily surveyable and comparable.
* The Lambda global style sheet will be made available from some kind of UITS repository (probably Git)
* Student Affairs has some standardized tools for adding social media widgets to your website and will make these available via RedBar.
* Ideas discussed for suggesting, requesting, or submitting these types of tools or add-ons to External Relations