New UA Website and Jobs RSS Feed

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


  • September Meeting – "Know Your Blackhat: Common Web & Server Vulnerabilities and Exploits" Presentation by Chris Foree.

Presentation: Jobs RSS Feed
Presenter: Chris Foree, Human Resources

Career Track third-party software runs the job application process. HR needed a way to make this data more accessible.

You can filter by post date.

Q: Can you filter by department?
A: By name, yes. Dept number would be good.

It is also possible to filter by location.

Q: What about filtering by school, college?
A: Not at the moment.

Q: How are these discoverable?
A: By API (RESTful).

The vision is for departments to pull this into their websites.
This will be linked from the main UA website.

Email Chris Foree with other feedback.

Presentation: New UA Website
Presenter: Fiddelke, External Relations

Campus Preview has been delayed quite a few times. There are gaping holes that need to be filled first. The campus preview will be NetID protected at first, and then there will be an open beta test w/o NetID protection.

The old site is a giant links database. The new site is built in Drupal with content types for each link type, e.g., Department, Building, Jobs, and News.

The new website team is trying to get hooked into existing processes to keep the site up-to-date. E.g., Department list pulled from the University Directory. This is a massive undertaking, probably the biggest part. This is not just a fresh coat of paint.

There are 6 audience levels. Working groups are behind each of these sections. Audiences: Future Students, Students, Faculty & Staff, Parents & Visitors, Alumni & Donors, Business & Industry.

Front page has a rotating story (marketing) section with video ability, News, Topics, and Events.

Pages and pages of links are not so prominent in the audience subsections. News and events in the subsections are tailored for that audience.

Topics: About the University, Academics, Arts & Museums, Athletics & Recreation, Colleges & Departments, Diversity, Health & Medical, International Gateway, Libraries, Outreach & Extension, Research & Innovation.

Q: Was anything other than Drupal considered?
A: There was thought put into other options, but Drupal was chosen for UITS/campus support. Colleges and Departments list is collected from three sets of data: current site, directory, and financial information.

Q: Were you going for the "law of thirds" in the design?
A: Not intentionally. More we were going for horizontal layout. Thirds were accidental.

The campus map will not be ready for the campus preview, but it will use the Google Maps API when it is ready. This is based on what Stanford and Purdue are doing in this area.

The phonebook will add a searchable department phonebook.

Q: What are the bottom links about?
A: Mainly for things that have to go on the home page because someone said they do (e.g., UAGreen).

Q: Are they on every page?
A: Yes.

Campus preview will be released soon.

Q: Will search keywords still work?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the engine for search?
A: Drupal Core search, LDAP for phonebook, fallback to Google Custom Search.

Q: Will the search do auto-complete?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the auto-complete be categorized?
A: Yes.

Q: Will building number be searchable?
A: Unknown. Will follow up.

Q: Are you still working with the external vendor?
A: Yes.

Q: Are things like Student Link on the front page?
A: No, they are on the student page.

Q: Will the Mosaic Student Link/Employee Link replacement (UAccess) be on the front page?
A: Unknown. It will at least be in several subsections.

Q: Is there a place for a major alert?
A: Thinking about that. Can take over the marketing section. UITS-SIRT also has the ability to temporarily replace the site with a static alert page.

Q: Are you going to maintain URLs?
A: As much as possible for the most popular things.

Q: Are you mapping with Drupal?
A: No, mod_rewrite directly.

Q: What kind of vetting processes have you gone through for accessibility? (Cf. Target litigation)
A: Not too much, but it is in the plan. We have been talking about it.

Q: Are you planning for JavaScript-disabled browsers?
A: Not explicitly.

Q: How mobile-friendly is it?
A: Probably not much right now.

Q: Will you set up Drupal roles for others on campus?
A: Yes.

Watch for the campus preview email via 3D Memos, Lo Que Pasa, Web Developers Group listserv, etc.