Redesign of the Center for Creative Photography Website (13-March-2013)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


In Spring of 2012, a small project team took on a 6-month redesign challenge. This presentation will outline the process we used to complete a website overhaul for the Center for Creative Photography. We developed a purpose, target audience, personas, primary tasks, and scenarios. We conducted a competitive analysis, surveyed users, interviewed stakeholders, and created an information architecture and fresh content. We evaluated the design by means of remote card sorting and usability testing. Finally, we established and implemented a sustainable content strategy.

Presenters: Rebecca Blakiston, Ginger Bidwell, and Josh Williams


Google Docs slides:

Slideshare slides:

Elluminate recording of the presentation:

Attendees requested the list of personas and their details -- here they are (linked to Word docs):

Here is a pdf of the survey they used in Phase 1 - User Research: ccp-survey.pdf. The survey was implemented using SurveyMonkey. The survey branched depending on the answer to the first question. The results of the survey were used to design the usability studies.


Q. Are you finished with this project or is it still ongoing?
A. Mostly finished, since launch, but continuing ongoing work including keeping the Drupal install updated. Although CCP was part of the Libraries, the project team basically treated them as an outside customer. The CCP is now leaving the Libraries system which complicates things.

Q. How did you come up with what questions to ask (in the SurveyMonkey survey)
A. We focused on the information we needed that we couldn't already get from Google Analytics.

Q. Have you seen changes in traffic since the launch of the new site?
A. Yes, both returning users and mobile traffic are way up.

There was a question about website redesign theory / philosophy / books but I didn't record the answer.

Q. What software did you use for the online card sort?

Q. What were the Personas you developed?
A. The Personas will be posted on the meeting minutes (see above).

There was a question about digital asset mangement tools, I did not record the answer.