UA Web Branding Policy, Stylesheets, and Drupal Themes

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


  • Next meeting are elections for Chair and Secretary. You are encouraged to run.
  • Next meeting we will also vote on the charter. The draft charter will be available online shortly.
  • Next month's topic will be HTML 5 with Matt Munsey, CFA.

Presentation: UA Web Branding Policy, Stylesheets, and Drupal Themes
Presenter: Scott Fiddelke, External Relations

Presentation part 1: UA Web Branding Policy

  • The Web Banner Policy is now (in draft form) the Web Branding Policy.
  • Level 1, 2, etc. are all the same.
  • What is different is that the 42px banner is no longer required. There are now three choices. See
  • One of the three logo must be in the the upper left corner of the page, but other than size and padding there are no particular requirements.
  • Q: So you are saying that we do not need a full banner across the top?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Can the logo be on the left edge of the main content block?
  • A: Yes, it does not have to be the left edge of the browser window.
  • Q: Is your goal to have other websites look like the main UA website?
  • A: No, though we are releasing tools that will make it easier if you want to.
  • Q: What if you want to put the logo on a dark blue background?
  • A: There are still color requirements that havnet changed.
  • Q: Have you considered putting the logos on a central server to facilitate replacing it with an emergency message?
  • A: We could.
  • Q: Does the right bar need to be there on the block A if there is nothing else to the right?
  • A: I do not know. Referring to Leslie...
  • Q: Does the bar need to have padding on the right?
  • A: Yes, but referring to Leslie...
  • Q: Can the department name be below the logo?
  • A: Yes, as long as the padding meets the requirements.
  • Q: What are there any stipulations as far as which solid colors can be behind the logo?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Does the same version of the logo need to be on every page or does it depend on the level?
  • A: Unknown, but It seems like it would be acceptable to have, for example, a bigger logo on the front page, and the banner version on the lower-level pages.
  • Q: Will there be enforcement?
  • A: As we notice them, we contact people. If you notice them, you may contact External Relations if you wish. But we are not policing.

Presentation part 2: Drupal themes

  • There are now some Drupal themes that use these new logos. They are not available for download yet. The link will be available on the Web Developers website soon (end of the week?).
  • Q: Will there only be Drupal themes? What about HTML/CSS, Joomla, etc.?
  • A: We will have HTML/CSS files available. Other content management systems, probably not. Dreamweaver, maybe.
  • Q: Where would I go to get Drupal training?
  • A: See
  • Q: How do I get on the Web Developers listserv?
  • A: See

Presentation part 3: New UA website

  • Built on Drupal, including several different content types. E.g., Link, Department (School, Department, Center, Institute), College (primarily because of College landing pages on the main site), Building, Event, Feature (on front page and second-level pages)
  • Q: Will this replace the old static departmental directory?
  • A: Yes, that is the plan. The updating mechanism has yet to be determined.
  • Q: How is the site updated?
  • A: Mainly by working groups.
  • Q: Is the calendar feed tied into the main site?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Is the page listing all department news pages still available?
  • A: Probably not.
  • The phonebook should be back to where it was.
  • The new Google map-based map interface is still being worked on, will live at
  • Q: Who does the videos?
  • A: UANews and other sources, often outsourced.
  • Q: Does a department need approval to post video on their site?
  • A: No. There may be a Video group on campus forming to determine best practices.
  • Q: How are the UANews feeds connected to the main site?
  • A: A Drupal module pulls in all UANews news and events every 15 minutes. Content managers can choose to add stories / events to queues (nodequeue module), including position, expiration, etc. These appear on the on the audience sub-pages.
  • Q: Can a department pull in UANews stories?
  • A: Yes, use the Feed API Drupal module.
  • Also, at some point departments may be given direct access to the Master Calendar.
  • Q: Is there a field in the UANews calendar for department?
  • A: Not yet, but they are in the process of updating uanews site
  • Q: Do the front page features use Nodequeue?
  • A: Yes. The images are obviously a bit different.
  • Q: What is your favorite color?
  • A: Green.
  • Also, there are more campus people in the Red Bar Cafe.

UPDATE: Follow up on a couple of questions asked during the session - The Bar on the Block A Arizona logo is only necessary when there is an element next to it on a single background (this has been updated in the policy). Different logos can be used through a site (i.e. a large logo on the home page with the smaller web banner horizontal logos on sub pages).

UPDATE: The Drupal themes and HTML templates are now available here: