UIS to Mosaic Transition

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
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Announcements: Next Meeting - Presentation by Chris Foree.

Presentation: UIS to Mosaic Transition
Presenter: Rachel Serrano, Manager, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Services

 Full Presentation (see attached)

UIS is going away! (After a smooth transition, of course...)

EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) - Operational Warehouse Store (UIS equivalent), Multi-Dimensional Warehouse (IIW equivalent)

UIS data will move into EPM, which will allow us to use similar queries (though not necessarily the same).

Go-Live dates and features:
- Hobson's - undergrad marketing/recruitment data. Available at launch.
- End of Sept 2009 (projected) - HR data will dump into OWS. At that point PSOS data will no longer be available in old UIS or UIS-EPM.
- Kuali Financial Go-Live: Jan 2010 - FRS no longer available in UIS.
- March 2010: SIS, Space, Catcard duplicate directly into EPM.
- Dec 2010: Old UIS gone; UIS History, all history in EPM

Third piece of EPM: Department Storage Area. We can upload local department data.

How do we access data?
- VPN for applications (SQL, SFTP)
- RDC or HTTPS for individual users.

[Demo of UAccess Analytics] (OBI) - Customizable dashboard, queries, ¨drillability¨

[Demo of Hyperion] - use for combining with local data; web version of BrioQuery

No site license for these tools, no charge to departments.

There will be an application process for new EPM data, though you will have access to the same UIS data you have now.

The fate of IIW is uncertain.

Question: What kind of configuration do we need to do on the users machines?
Answer: Just a plugin. Should install automatically.

Question: Preferred Browsers?
Answer: Works on Firefox, IE. Untested on Safari, Opera.

Question: Platform issues?
Answer: Firefox on Mac sometimes has issues with OBI.

Question: Is EID moving to 8 digits?
Answer: Yes, and it will be called EMPLID. Will strip a 0 from the middle of the EID. There will be crosswalks. Students will also have EMPLID, no longer SIDs. People should start using UAID or NetID through EDS.

Question: Will historical PCN and Job Title be the same data type?
Answer: Not the same data type. Ask the Mosaic team (mosaic.arizona.edu) for more detail. History is a bit of an unresolved problem at this point. Let the Mosaic team know if you need history from something.

Question: How do departments get things into the Department Storage Area?
Answer: We are still working on the process.