Version Control (10-April-2013)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Presenter: Mike Hagedon


  • Nominations for UA Web officer positions will be open as of the next meeting. Elections in June.
  • Next Mobile Responsive Design Working Group is Wednesday April 24th at 2pm - location TBA
  • "Site-in-a-box" will be formally launched in May, after the training site is complete. For a sneak peek, visit
  • The July UA Web meeting will be canceled in favor of the IT Summit (



Additional notes/comments:

If you need to ignore a file or directory, it's tricky to do in Subversion, but easy in Git using a git ignore file. This comes up a lot with Drupal because you don't want the /files/ directory to be part of your repository.


Q & A

Q: After you perform a local change and then commit that change -- how is that different from branching?

A: With branching you create a branch of all or part of a repo, and then make changes and commit to the branch. This does not affect the trunk. When the branch is finished, you merge the branch into the trunk. Basically branching is used for large projects, where you want to be able to work and commit and test on a branch version of the code, without affecting the trunk. This is for Subversion - with Git you do all of your local commits, followed finally by one big push.

Q: With Git, if you don't want to use Github, where/how do you "push" commits?

A: You can set up what's called a local "golden repository" -- use "git init ." to make an existing directory of content into a new Git repository.

Q: With Redmine, can you use Git as your repository instead of Subversion?

A: Yes