Upcoming Meeting Topics

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monthly Meetings Update: November meeting will be cancelled since it falls on Veterans Day


Elections were held for two positions: Co-chair and Web Developer. Matt Munsey (Fine Arts) will be the new Co-chair and Cheri Darling will be the Web Developer. Tracey Hummel is now a group advisor.


The UA Web Developers Group Leadership Team would like to get your opinion on topics for our upcoming meetings.  Please complete the following survey as soon as possible, and be entered into a drawing for a free t-shirt (if you complete the optional contact information):


Upcoming Meeting Topics

We looked at the current survey results and discussed some possible meeting topics for 2009. Some of those topics were:

  • Web Developer Toolkit Extentions 
  • Web 101 - Exploration of different beginning level topics (HTML, CSS, etc.)
  • Web Ettiquette - Best Practices
  • Web Security
  • Preview of Workshops offered by UITS Workshops (HTML, MySQL, PH, Drupal)
  • Multimedia - Overview (Flash video, podcasting, blogging, etc.)

Please take the time to complete the survey to make sure your opinions are heard.

The topic for the February meeting will be Wordpress (Matt Munsey). More information will be emailed soon.

Take the time to check out the UA Web Developers website. There is a lot of new stuff on there including a Book Library & Reviews section.