CSS3: A Look at What's to Come

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
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CSS3: A Look at What's to Come
Presenter: Matthew Munsey, the College of Fine Arts

UA Website Redesign Update
Presenter: Scott Fiddelke, External Relations

  • Scott showed mock-ups of the new home page and also a 3rd tier page.
  • It will be built on Drupal with custom pieces added.
  • We estimate something will be going out to campus at the end of March, or early April for campus to view the new site using their UA NetID to access.
  • After that, a link will be available on the public website for people to view and comment.
  • Drupal themes will be available for departments to use sometime after the launch. CSS and images will also be available for those who don't use Drupal.
  • The drop dead date for launch will be between 1st summer session and 2nd summer session
  • Check out redesign.arizona.edu for more updates in the near future.