Drupal from Start to Finish

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


  • Next Meeting - UIS Transition to Mosaic; Rachel Serrano (presenting) would like to know prior to the meeting if there any specific questions. Please email them to UA Web Dev leadership so they can be forwarded to Rachel prior to the meeting.

Officer Elections:

  • Chair: Cheri Darling (unanimous)
  • Secretary: Mike Hagedon (unanimous)

Presentation: Drupal from Start to Finish
Presenter: Tracey Hummel, UITS

How do we get from out of the box Drupal to finished website?

  1. Get / Install UA theme
    UITS offers hosting options:
    Pre-chosen modules and themes for faculty, departments, and (soon) official clubs.
  2. Personalize theme (e.g., Logo, favicon)
  3. Create user roles (e.g., Content Manager)
  4. Set permissions for roles
  5. Add users to roles
    1. The modules generate_module, no_request_new_password are useful with CAS (WebAuth).
  6. Add content
  7. Add site search
    1. Enable Search module
    2. Add search block to region
    3. Set up cron or at least run it once (browser to /cron.php)
  8. Set up contact form
    1. Set up categories
    2. Enable menu item
  9. Set up any web forms (e.g., surveys)
    1. Create the form
    2. Add fields
    3. Publish it
  10. Set up a calendar
    1. Download & enable calendar contributed module (See tutorial page on drupal.arizona.edu) and date tools
    2. Configure date and time
    3. Run date wizard (from datetools module)
    4. Save the view
    5. Create events (Content Management > Create Content)
    6. Assign calendar block to region
  11. Set up RSS feeds
    1. Administer > Feed aggregator > Add news feed
    2. Add block to region
    3. Run cron
  12. Create any additional content types (e.g., News)
  13. Add content

There is now a Site Admin 4 class.

Question: Is there a way to create a phone directory that allows one to sort by name, etc.?
Answer: Yes. Use user profiles.

Question: Is it possible to create an intranet site with private pages?
Answer: Yes. Make a private menu & assign it to a region. Protect a path (e.g., Internal) with CAS (WebAuth). Create a custom content type (e.g., Internal). Use Pathauto to force nodes of that content type to start with that path.

Other useful modules: Contemplate, Devel, IMCE
See drupal.arizona.edu for other modules.

Many of these modules are included with the commercial Acquia Drupal distribution.

On drupal.arizona.edu, there are books available for borrowing for two weeks at a time.