Mobile Websites

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
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Next month: Matt Munsey on Video

January: Intro to AppScan

Also we will be electing secretary and chair next month.  Please send your nominations or volunteer yourself for one of the positions.

The Leadership Team will be discussing next years topics next month.

Presentation: Justin Spargur (University Libraries), Mobile Websites (to see the presenter notes hover over the notes icon at the top left side of the PDF)

•Why mobile? Mobile usage has increased drastically.

•Non-mobile (infintive abilities) v. Mobile (limited skills)

•Do not simply force mobile users to view your desktop website. Esp. For bandwidth reasons.

•Two approaches: (1) Use a CSS file (not recommended). (2) Develop a second mobile-specific website.

•The Libraries chose option 2 with server-side user agents magic.

•Magic: Tera-WURFL

•It provides a database of device capabilities and PHP classes for interacting with it.

•You do not need to bring over all the content to your mobile website.

•What do people use the most? What will work well on a mobile device?

•No more than 5-10 links.

•How can you format content for every device?

•The Libraries defined levels: (3) smart phones (iPhone), (2) Blackberry, etc.; (1) Dumb phones

•The Libraries found that the XHTML support level (from Tera-WURFL) is a good indication of the browser capabilities. There are over 100 attributes, so you can be more specific.

•Mobile Tricks: field input types, telephone links, iPhone bookmark icon

•Useful tools: User Agent Switcher (Firefox Add-on), Small Screen Renderer (Firefox Add-on), W3C MobileOK Checker

•Q: How did you do hotkeys?

•A: accesskey attribute.

•Q: Did you consider making an iPhone app?

•A: We dont have the expertise in-house, and the mobile website was more sustainable.

•Q: How does an iPad appear?

•A: not as mobile, but we hard-coded it becuase our iPad users preferred that.

•Q: Do you have to update Tera-WURFL?

•A: Yes, we do it as a cron job.

•Q: What percentage of users are coming in as mobile?

•A: around 2% and growing.