Tales from the Encryption: HIPS (11-Sept-2013)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Topic: Tales from the Encryption: HIPS (11-Sept-2013)

Date: Wednesday, Sept 11, 2013

Presenter: Donald Merson


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Q & A

Q. With foreign keys - pointing to a row other than the actual row - how do you enforce referential integrity? If one of the rows gets deleted, the other one is just hanging out there . . .

A. Would need to add functionality for this.

Q. If you're transforming a number, like SSN or phone number, by adding to it, what happens if it becomes out of bounds for that type of number? For example, if a SSN is 999-99-9999 and you add 1, it becomes 1000000000.

A. With data types like these that have rules, you have to use spin. You have to set it up so that there are some numbers that never change. This is where the date insert is really useful. Time stamp is the best place to have the data encrypt itself.