UA Web Standards (Dec. 11, 2013)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Presenter: Chris Green of University Relations (

Information also contributed by Seb Ahmad of University Relations (

Relevant websites:

University Relations (formerly known as External Relations)

Redbar - a service from University Relations - Marketing

Ologie - the firm hired by University Relations to rebrand


Another option for "logo lockups" -- this only applies to people with sidecar logos. You have to request a sidecar logo with the blue block A (the blue square plus the logo lockup you requested from Univ. Relations). You request a "logo lockup" on Redbar. Read about the standards on Redbar.

NOTE: Existing web branding is stilll acceptable.

Banner at top is optional if your block A spells out the University of Arizona

No registered trademarks on the web branding any more.

You can still use the old banner.

They haven't yet posted the new Ideal Sans banner on Redbar yet.

Things are in flux because University Relations is getting a new look from Ologie. Ologie is going to be rebranding the website. Then everyone else will take their cue from that.

They are going to lobby Ologie for incorporting current standards.

End of March for rebranding of

Four different proposals. Block A is going to stay the same.

Decisions about how stringent the standards will be have not been made yet.

If you currently have a sidecar logo in development, you should request a new one but you can still use the old one if you like.

NOTE: If you want to provide input to University Relations with regard to web standards, please consider joining the UA Standards subgroup of UA Webmasters.

Banner repository: email if you're willing to help out with the banner repository.

Plans for the main website: coming at the end of March will be a Drupal 7 version of the site with a new homepage look. Later at some point there will probably be a whole new site. (Source: Bernadine Cannon)

Print materials: do your best with the existing guidelines. If you have questions, email Seb.

Questions and Answers

Q. Is the Fritz font getting phased out? Ideal Sans next to the block A is jarringly different.

A. At the moment you can opt for either font for your sidecar. Fritz is difficult to use in print. Ideal is weighed toward web and Fritz toward print. Font licensing is also under discussion.


Q. Doesn't it water down the brand to be continually changing it?

A. You make a good point.


Q. For web branding names that are part of the sidecar: are there going to be vertical versions instead of horizontal?

A. Things are in flux. Don't know yet.


Q. Have you seen any logos issued with really long dept names? Do they stack?

A. They shrink. The A and your sidecar are images. The banner is text. Can stack two lines but not three.