UA Web Developers 2014 Round Table (Jan. 8, 2014)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014



(1) Bernadine Cannon (UITS) is working on setting up the next set of meetings for:

* Site-in-a-box user meetings

* Responsive Design Working Group

(2) Bernadine also said that they had a launch date for the redesigned site: March 24. That's Phase 1, which is an upgrade from Drupal 6 to 7, with a redesigned/refreshed look. Phase 2 is a whole new website, no timetable on that yet.

This announcement led to a lively discussion on the topics of UA website standards and compliance. Those interested in this topic should consider participating in the UA Web Standards subgroup (see next announcement).

This group will also provide consulting and assistance to Univ. Relations with the UA web banner. There seemed to be a consensus that the UA Webmasters group needs a better link to University Relations. In the past, the web manager for was an ex officio member of the Leadership Team. This may be revived.

(3) The UA Webmasters website ( has new support for groups and group activities/announcements. Please log in and click "Groups" to see what's on offer. If users want permission to create Group Posts or Announcements, contact the leadership team and we'll boost your permissions.

(4) Drupal 6 will be supported until well into the Drupal 8 release cycle.

See the announcement on uaweb for more details.

There were a round dozen people in attendance.

Here were some of the goals and aspirations for 2014 that were expressed by people at the meeting:

Looking forward to the launch of the new UA map.

Looking forward to getting familiar with Drupal 8, once a beta release comes out.

Aspiring to learn Javascript (not just jQuery), as a language (not just coding snippets).

Recommeded: Javascript the definitive guide (book): thorough, concise, and readable.


Wanting to learn web development other than in php. Maybe python, node.js.

Also, possibly doing web services in C.

Maybe coming soon: beta testing of the UITS cloud computing service. Get your own VM via an automated, push-button interface. Like Rack Space / Amazon -- you're responsible for server patching and maintenance.

Looking to create detailed screen-shot-rich graphic-novella-type walkthroughs for setting up a W6 site and maybe also Site-in-a-Box.


Next meeting: Feb. 12

Topic: TBA