University Relations Preview of the new website (Apr. 9, 2014)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Misha Harrison presented excerpts from the powerpoint presentation on the new branding that was given to MarCom a few weeks earlier, the new site was briefly previewed.

Top - level design is all that is currently contracted. This is a 1.0 - reskinning. Later will come a complete restructuring and rethinking of the main web presence.

Focus groups were conducted with over 1200 people: students, donors, faculty, staff, alumni. These focus groups are ongoing, and will be repeated after the ad campaign, to measure the impact. This initial look at the new will give you a hint how to incorporate some of the design elements.

The fonts:

Milo OT is our sans serif font. PC alternative: Verdana.

Milo Serif OT is our serif font. PC alternative: Times New Roman.



You, as a UA webmaster, are responsible for the execution of the UA brand presence on the internet.

For you and your subunit:
* What tools do you need to do your work?
* What do you see as challenges?
* How can we help you get over the brand challenges?
* How can we help you find a way to integrate your unit's individuality into the overall brand?
* What is the best way to incorporate the graphic elements into websites?

We need your help figuring that out.


Graphic elements:
* Boundless edge
* Triangle container
* Triangle accents
* Range finder
* Triangle pattern
* Line work
* Celebratory burst
* Refracted lens

University Relations has contracted with FontShop to buy Milo. With regard to websites, the plan is to distribute it centrally from a UITS server.

(For the print font, there are fewer licenses to distribute, so all "central communicators" will have it.)


Not all websites will be allowed to use Milo. This is because the contract with FontShop is for the font to be deployed on a group of sites that get (in aggregate) no more than 50 million hits a month. It doesn't matter how many sites this is, but the number of hits matters and can't be overshot.


Your site is NOT expected to look very similiar to The audience pages on the new site this might be a good baseline for departmental pages.


If your site is on the new Topics list on the new, this will increase your traffic!


Who gets the most traffic? Who are our biggest players? Those units will be targeted for new looks.

Q & A

Q. Will we be able to get access to usage reports for and other main sites?

A. I don't know. RCM coming on the line. Show me yours I'll show you mine.

There is a new initiative to start collecting usage from everyone.


Q. Are resources going to be available as templates or elements for our sites?

A. There are tons of print templates, and guidelines for print, but we will email out a link to a webform where you can say what you need in the way of web resources.


Q. It this poweroint going to be available?

A. Brand guidelines (condensed version of the big presentation) will be posted on RedBar. All Deans etc. have seen all of this.


Q. The old fonts - no longer going to be used?

A. Correct. Old fonts are gone.


Q. New fonts will be available when?

A. As soon as we can get the UITS server set up to provide it available via link.


Q. Print fonts?

A. That's different - fewer licenses to distribute, so all central communicators will have it.


Q. Will there be a recommendation for those who want to use the font?

A. Go to your central office and see if you can get access to it. Also setting up alternative typefaces, so you can use those. Microsoft:

Calibri, Verdana.


Q. So the recommendation is to remove the old fonts?

A. Yes. Sentinel anchors us back in the history, we need to be more forward thinking.


Q. What happens when we hit the limit?

A. When we hit that limit we'll renegotiate with the font company.


Q. For the "hits limit" on the use of the Milo font, will dev sites be filtered out?

A. What is counted is only public sites.


Q. What are requirements for websites? What MUST be changed?

A. At this point, this has not been decided. A style sheet is being developed. This is a process. We want to find out from you what you need.

There WILL be logo usage and web logo usage changes coming, but they're not there yet. Changing brand architecture takes time: development time - approval time - signoff time - so there's a big time lag. But when it goes, and you have access to it, all your deans will have seen it and all will have upper admin support.