Web Standards

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
  • The web developers have now been meeting for a full year; 220 have signed up for membership; 280 are currently on the discussion listserv;
  • Group leadership now listed with term limits and 2 added as advisors, Mike Hagedon and Scott Fiddelke;

Web Standards

Scott Fiddelke, External Relations

Tracey Hummel, UITS, UA Web Team


  • We felt it was a good time to update the standards because webmasters will be making changes to sites for the web banner. We are asking for input on the standards.
  • Web standards - 3 levels (see handouts)
  • Enforcement of standards, same as UA Banner enforcement. No web police. But if something is seen, you may be notified of changes that should be made.
  • Title tag information - new to web standards document
  • Concern that the title page, with org / college name and UA makes for long bookmarks, and lots of updating for pages. This change is trying to remedy search engine hits, so the page is identified appropriately.
  • Known that this change will not be easy / quick. But better to fix now than wait until there are even more changes. Concerns that this is going to take a lot of time.
  • Best thing to do, get the major pages done first. Resonable to grandfather pages, as you edit / update web pages, update the title page.
  • Concern that continual updates / requirements / mandates for Web pages will continue. Just changed / agreed on UA Web banner and now moving on to new web standards.
  • Depending on web designers to update / provide input on standards.
  • These standards are not set in stone. Brought up so that we can discuss, get input. This is coming up now because started to look at the UA Web Banner.
  • Web banners are to be presented to Dean's Cabinet in late October / early November.
  • Web Standards are goals to strive for as you move forward, update your site, etc. No timeline set for these changes. Only timeline is associated with UA Banner.
  • Suggestion that as a group, may be able to automate changes and Mike Hagedon offered to help investigate this possibility.
  • Topic of page listed first so that truncated bookmarks will still display.
  • Suggestion that home page has the full title, sub pages have a minimum of page title and not necessarily need to have The University of Arizona on every page.
  • Home page will have full title tag with University of Arizona. Sub pages will have sufficient / acceptable title tag with title of page.
  • Footer - new guideline... Can't rely on people clicking on a logo to link back to UA Home page. So by having text link, in the footer, branding and ensuring can find home page.
  • Same issues as title tag, if needing to go in and fix all pages. This would be grandfathered like title tags, as you update the site, add this information.
  • All pages should have clickable text at the bottom of the page as part of the footer. If no footer is present, UA link is present as text somewhere on the page.
  • Web Banner - LTC has code samples, video tutorials, samples etc. They won't make the changes for you but will do everything they can to help you with new requirement in terms of trainng / information.