Standardized Banners

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


  • Next meeting: it classification study update; usability best practices

Standardized Banners

External Relations
Leslie Johnston:
Kate Jensen:


Kate & Leslie displayed the 5 banners that were ranked the highest

  • Blue, red, white, light gray, dark gray;
  • There is now an "A Line" logo instead of the stacked logo; it reads better and takes up less space on web; Webmaster can choose any of the 5 options.
  • The ‘A logo' and the ‘One line logo' have been combined into one graphical pieces; this allows it to have only one register mark. The graphic must stay as one piece.
  • For the white option, is there an option to use to use the blue one line logo instead of the red? Yes, seems reasonable;

Divided the campus into three levels:

Level one:
Colleges, schools, non-academic that are focus on external audiences. See list attached. 3 month time line to adopt the new banners for level 1.

Level 2:
academic departments; research centers;

Level 3:
curriculum, syllabi, faculty and all sites hosted on UA web servers.


  • UA Homepage
  • Web based applications and intranet sites;
  • Personal homepages
  • Student clubs that are not officially recognized as student organizations;
  • Conflicts with existing partnerships;

Technical requirements:

  • A one line logo
  • Banner colors
  • Navigation links;


  • Q: If you are using the red or blue options, white would need to be used for any navigational links? A: Yes. Should be spelled out in policy
  • Q: If you use the white option with the blue online logo - would the navigational links be blue; or the red option would the navigational links be red? Or can you have a blue one line logo with red navigational text? And the red one line logo with blue navigation text? A: The navigational text links would be: red, blue, black or white (reversed)
  • Need to address hover state color as well
  • Q: Concerning the links, the pipe; the main UA website will uses the dotted line, would that be allowed? Normally it is a solid. We should have a choice; CSS gives more options to style the separator than a pipe character; It does not matter who it is done as long as it looks consistent -- an ASCII pipe character or by CSS.
  • Q: A lot of departments use the UA stylesheet; would that change? A: Yes the UA stylesheet will change.
  • Q: If you put pipes you are putting content in there instead of a separator would that cause a problem with screen readers? A: No. it will read them but would not be problem. It is a common element on web pages so screen readers are used to use them.
  • A: After much discussion, it was decided that the separators need to be a solid line;
  • Need to add that the Alt tag needs to read: "The University of Arizona"
  • It must extend across the entire width of the content; not the width of the web window. The logo would line up with the content of the page but the color could extend across the browser screen.
  • Resources: Code & logos will be available on redbar cafe, LTC will provide tech support.
  • Maximum default size is 11 px; There was a lot of discussion on how to define the default site for the navigational link to make it accessible in all browsers. Dawn H. from DRC will check into this issue and provide a solution after looking at what other universities do.
  • Based on a usability study, the CCIT site will be moving the navigation text links. They are currently in the top blue area with the UA logo; The usability test showed that putting them in the same area as the UA logo made users feel that those links were associated with the main UA website... not the CCIT site; Moving the navigation links to the red area with the CCIT logo was recommended.
  • Q: Link items can not exceed 1/3 - you need to specify; IE at medium text size?
  • Waiting for Rita to work on the A line logo; then it will be ready and be available in the Red Bar Café.
  • Q: When does the 3 month period start? A: Don't know yet. I would guess 4 -6 weeks from now.
  • Q: Can you clarify how all encompassing this will be? My faculty members will not be happy; We may need more time; maybe grandfather. A: We can look at this.
  • Q: Can you explain the reasoning behind this? For example, it says personal homepages. Does that mean all personal pages. Level 3 says personal homepages but it says it is excluded. A: Personal homepages should be excluded from level 3.
  • Maybe if the language could be changed to give a longer time period it would be easier for faculty to implement.
  • Q: The division we use in our department, is if it is maintained by our department and speaks for our department, then it should be up to the standard. SPS department pages are not maintained by the college. If a university entity maintaining a website, it must meet the standing. If it is the individual member, it may not. Should bios and CVs have the UA logo? I would consider them personal. A: We will discuss this internally.
  • Q: We have a section of our website that has photos by our dept picnic that are maintained by a application. It is not a web application, would it apply? A: This seems to be a internal site. We are really looking at getting the big stuff that really represent the university not the little stuff. Relevant, you need to use your best judgment. It needs to be something relevant to the UA.
  • It is hard to create a policy that is encompassing enough but not too restrictive.
  • Q: Partnerships - in terms of future developments, every time we do a partnership like that, do we need to contact your office? Can we make the call on that or do we have to contact your office? A: No. You can make the judgment call. You need to consider the sites on a case-by-case basis; if you want another opinion, call external relations.
  • Q: When you say Arizona hosted on university servers, do you mean all sites on the UA sites like the personal homepages. How about .org? A: Remove the link "All websites that are hosted on university websites".
  • Q: Do you have a plan to track the success of this? A: We will be looking at it, trying to do usability studies, and trying to measure success.
  • We are looking for peer pressure for enforcement. The enforcement mechanism will be our VP working with the deans for cooperation. If there are issues with adding the banners, departments should contact External Relations.
  • Q: So far it has been orientated to the appearance on the screen, what about printing? Can it print in black instead of blue for example? A: It can print out in black.
  • Q: The assistance through LTC, Are they just going to create a template and providing a template or are they going to help you convert the web pages? A: We are working with them now to work these issues out.

Follow-up from Kate:
I spoke with Steve MacCarthy, VP for External Relations, yesterday and he is not inclined to ask faculty members to add UA banners to their course descriptions, syllabi, CVs, bios, etc. etc. So the Level Three policy guidelines will be edited accordingly. Thanks to the Web Developers for raising this question/concern.