Job Classification Study and UA Web Developers Group Introduction

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
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  • Explanation of group creation and purpose
  • Introductions of interim officers
  • Introduction of everyone in attendance


Job Classification Study

Christy Drake from Human Resources was present to discuss job descriptions and structure within the Technology area. The main IT group has several subgroups. Since the job descriptions were created in the early 1990's, a job description / job title for "Web Designer" does not exist.

Attachment: Information Technology Classification Study

  • Currently Human Resources is examining what is happening at the UA.
  • They are evaluating IT work and making sure the job descriptions fit the jobs and at the right pay grade level.
  • A focus group will be created to facilitate discussion. The focus group will assist in the creation of job descriptions based on the functions listed in the survey and compare with current job descriptions. Current Job descriptions may be correct, may need to be tweeked, some may need to be tossed and re-created or some, like the web designer position, need to be created.
  • Human Resources is contacting departments for supervisor information. HR will then send out a survey asking supervisors to identify major functions of IT staff in department.
  • HR is also going to look at the level of work performed (i.e. is an Office Automation Specialist performing the functions of an SSA?)
  • This process will take time but the end result of a new set of job classifications should help departments with recruitment, performance management, etc. and departments will be able to re-classify employees into appropriate IT job titles. HR will work with departments to assist in making changes to job positions.
  • If you spend 75% of your work time with IT functions but you are not under an IT job title, ask to be added to the IT survey.
  • HR is only looking at classified staff positions at this time


Featured Website: UA Web Developers Group website

  • Open to anyone working on developing official UA websites
  • Password protected area for registered users
  • Web Developers directory with skills listed
  • Book Library
  • Scripts & Tools with avaialble scripts and demo site
  • Training Opportunities; nothing at this time but provides a form to fill in for training you are interested in.
  • Meeting Mintues

Questions from Group:

  • Possible forum for communication? For example,
  • CMS users --> Support / able to ask questions?
  • Is this a forum for pushing web standards for colors and fonts? (No, UA has standards but pretty open and no policing). Person asking question had been contacted about color choice and font used on the site.
  • Brief presentation / discussion on Typ03 -- Content Management system -- open-source.

If the group wants, the Web developer's group could provide input about standards to be updated / included.


Tracey from the CCIT UAWeb Team discussed the resources that her group provides to campus web developers.

  • free web accounts on; start at 50MB disk quota; provide cgi/perl, php, mysql, 24/7/364 server support; daily backups & file restores; glimpse search; access to log file for statistics
  • separate frontpage server with asp support
  • technical support to campus web developers
  •  support of the main UA website; provides links to departments; maintains news & calendar items on homepages.

Group Discussion:

  • Hoping that over time the group gains momentum
  • Training opportunities
  • Suggestion to check on Gateway grant for support --> said they do what we want, if we want mysql, they will provide training (throught grant application / acceptance).