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Wednesday, May 14, 2008



  • Next meeting: June 11th, 2008
  • Highland Commons, B116
  • Agenda: UA on iTunes U and UA's YouTube University Enhanced Channel
  • Mike Tierney (co-chair) has taken a job outside the UA.
  • Please nominate people for chair and secretary.


Kate Jensen
UA Marketing Research
Office of External Relations

***Statewide Perception Study***
This study was commissioned last summer.

Reasons to do marketing research:

  1. be sure external perspective matches your own
  2. encouragement for us, esp. in the face of budget cuts, limited resources

This is the third study in 5 years, all have been pretty positive

Phone survey taken to assess awareness and perception of UA.
ASU was first college in mind of many survey participants because of

People living here longest most likely to have awareness of UA.

UA strongest in academic reputation in AZ
esp. in Pima county; less so in Maricopa county
Among older respondents more so, younger less so

Questions included in the survey:

  • What attributes do you associate with a high quality university?
  • Rank university based on quality. (UA second behind Stanford; UA's quality perception has increased against ASU's)
  • Would you recommend UA to top students? Many said yes.
  • How aware are you of the amount of research being conducted at the UA? (Many people are very aware.)

  • University Communications has purchased software to track UA news stories worldwide.
  • 62% of people have seen non-athletic stories about UA in newspaper; higher than TV.
  • Word of mouth is considered most credible form of information; universities in general don.t exploit this enough.
  • Quality graduate programs are the primary thing that people think we do well that is also important to them.
  • Brand Platform: The UA is the leading public research university in the
  • American Southwest. Tucson location is a very attractive selling point.
  • We need to give people something to talk about.

***Thanks to the U campaign***

  • The idea behind this campaign was to show the coolest things about UA (e.g.,
  • Ansel Adams collection, artificial hearts, Pima cotton, world largest´s telescope, invention of tree ring research).
  • This campaign ran in Daily Star, on bus stops.
  • Ext. Relations is thinking about how to deploy this campaign in Phoenix, mostly has been in Tucson so far.
  • Our marketing budget is 1/10 of NAU's (!)
  • Working with College of Medicine to develop more of this campaign for internal use, esp. patients.
  • Go to for more on these stories and to submit new ideas.

  • audience comment: campaign is excellent idea; short and to the point
  • audience comment: like the concept of emphasizing individual units
  • audience comment: in Maricopa county, people think University of Arizona referes to ASU

  • Our goal should not be to compare to ASU; if you start thinking like an underdog, you start looking like one
  • External funding for research UA v ASU: 530 million v 120 million
  • audience question: campaign focused on research; are you going to publicize
  • the fact that research and teaching are not completely separate entities? answer: yes!
  • This campaign was not student recruitment, but community awareness and morale building.
  • audience question: did you emphasize the individual units these acheivements came from? answer: in print ads, yes
  • audience question: who paid for banners? answer: external relations for academic banners on speedway and other places; athletics otherwise
  • audience question: any international studies? answers: not sure how to do that, but international attention tends to be subject-specific, like 200 reporters coming here for phoenix landing
  • audience question: do we have any internet advertising, like seo? answer: not specifically, other than uanews, UANow. We'd like UANow to have a broader reach
  • audience question: does UANow have an RSS feed? answer: no, but UANews does