Resources for Webmasters

NOTE: Much of this information is out of date. (Like, from 2008.) We are in the process of updating this information, but in the meantime, your best source for branding requirements is the Redbar site from University Relations - Marketing.

  • Web Development Policies & Guidelines
  • UA Web Branding Standards
  • Web Server Accounts from UITS
    Accounts for hosting websites on UA servers.
  • Site-in-a-Box
    A collaboration between UITS and University Relations.
  • Drupal
    Drupal is a Content Management System that is widely used on campus. It offers a lot of functionality and customizability, and has a broad user-base on campus, but IT IS NOT REQUIRED!!! Use it if you choose to.
  • University Relations Drupal Theme
    Available as a download.
  • UA Contracted Vendor List
    Note: This is simply a list of vendors who have agreed to offer discounts to the UA Community. If you have any feedback on any of these vendors, please use the feedback form to provide it. Some people got the idea that you HAVE to use one of these vendors - nothing could be further from the truth. There are plenty of organizations and individuals, both on and off campus, who do good work and can do your website.
  • Web Accessibility
    Information from the UA IT Accessibility website on why websites need to be accessible to people with disabilities and how to create an accessible website.
  • UA Webmasters Discussion Listserv
    Provides an easy way for UA webmasters to communicate with each other and share information by email.
  • Web Support & Consulting
    Support resources for UA campus webmasters.
  • Security for Application Developers
    Tools, training materials, and various other resources for IT personnel developing for the web presented by UA's Information Security Office.
  • Peer Institutions
    UA and ASU Peers, and PAC 10.
  • UITS's Web Services
    Web Resources provided by the University Information Technology Services.