UA on Itune U and YouTube channel

Wednesday, June 11, 2008




  • Chair: Chris Foree
  • Secretary: Danielle S.

UA on Itune U and YouTube channel

Stuart G.
Learning Technology Center

UA on iTunes U:

  • LTC started supporting podcasting for the campus 3-4 years ago;
  • Heather at LTC is very good at optimizing and working with video; lots of
  • expertise at LTC.
  • Can set up administrator permissions to allow others to upload to Itune U. Guide
  • to creating podcasts for iTunes u
  • Click blue button fires up iTunes; must already have iTunes installed.
  • If you have admin privileges, you will see a red Administration button for login
  • through webauth;

Stuart demonstrated iTunes

  • From the iTunes store, you now need to go into University & Colleges and select UA
  • Will Searching for University of Arizona in search box get you there. You can
  • enter a title to search, like 'evolution'
  • Stuart can feature sites and pull them to the top of the UA iTunes page;
  • UA news also has a box that Jeff Harrison manages;
  • You can click  'see all' in the upper right corner of the boxes to view all
  • What kind of releases is need?  We have a release form for the speaker to sign.
  • What if there are students that appear?  If students are in a class then it is
  • OK.  If the students speaks or presents, then a release is needed.
  • In the right hand column, there is a box of links for some UA websites;
  • iTunes also automatically display the top five UA downloads;
  • Is there mechanism for reporting? Can you see how many people have actually
  • looked at them?  Stuart gets a spread sheet on Mondays that includes the most
  • downloaded track, to the least downloaded track within the previous week;
  • Stuart uploads the spread sheet to his blog to that anyone can look to see the
  • results.  The last 2 are missing because they were corrupt.

Stuart's blog

Recording Lectures:

  • LTC provides a SanDisk digital recorder for that instructors can borrow for a semester to record lectures. $50, hold 1 ? 2 gig; Instructors;
  • Student really appreciate having the lectures available online;
  • How does that recorder working if you are trying to have a conversation? It needs to be close to the speaker; speaker would need to repeat the question because it will not be picked up by the recorder.
  •  Departments can borrow the recorder as well from LTC.

iTunes podcasts:

  • Can choose 'subscribe' to get all the tracks in a series and any future
  • tracks that are produced in that area.
  • All the podcasts in iTunes are free;
  • What criteria do decide what is appropriate for iTunes?  Largely academic
  • content; more of an issue when you look at video in YouTube.
  • Podcasts can be audio and video; on a Mac you can bring audio and video in and
  • then share it to iTunes using GarageBand. Camtasia Studio or Adobe Captivate or captivate to capture
  • computer screens that can be exported for iTunes/iPod.
  • Many Apple software aps suites export for the iTunes format;
  • Gregory Anderson in OSCR has installed iTunes Producer  to help capture faculty lectures.
  • It will be configured so that it auto start recording and saves the lecture and
  • uploads it to the iTunes site.  A timeline for implementing Podcast Producer is currently in the works. We do know that it is being piloted with the College of Medicine this summer and more pilot projects during Fall semester.
  • For iTunes U, you can provide your own logos. They need to be 300X300 for the main page and automatically scale to the thumbnail on the iTunes U Topics page
  • Stuart recommends branding your video with an intro and outro using approved UA logo. LTC can help with any of this.
  • If you are interested in posting a podcast, you can contact Stuart.

UA's YouTube Channel

  • YouTube made a separate channel available to colleges and universities to post content
  • Over 120 videos
  • 13 playlists and growing!
  • directly largely to high school students, college undergraduates & parents

Resources and URLS;

  • Main video is: Achieve, serve, discover, build.  It will always play when you go to the site.
  • Focused on  students and what they are looking for.
  • Are you are interested at all in things like slideshows.  Maybe depending on resolution and topic;  Is it mostly a recruitment tool.  Not mostly but they are a key audience.
  • When you embed the code, it does not keep the quality; choice of 'embed' or don't embed?.
  • Can copy the embed code to embed in your website. If you don't add a play button, it will send you to the site;  maybe need to change the play=auto tag.
  • How do you think people are finding our videos? The number one way is that they are going to YouTube and searching.
  • Prospective students can create their own YouTube channels..  There is a subscribe
  • button on the UA channel that allows you to subscribe; students can then easily track new videos by subscribing to our UA channel.  You can also get an email when new videos are added.
  • Statistics: The Views part of the statistics allow you to see when the video
  • downloaded; peak dates; where in the world they were viewed. You can US by state;
  • Discover stats tab; how the viewer got to the video, by you tube search; google search; related videos;
  • Berkeley made an institutional commitment to providing video. They are trying to
  • video their classes and make them available to the public.
  • All the YouTube content goes through Stuart because we only have a single sign-on.