Website Standards

NOTE: The whole "Level" thing is really really old, and dates back to when there used to be a "Web Council" that set standards. That body no longer exists. As of October 2013, University Relations sets branding standards, and all other "best practices" stuff - you're on your own.

  • Level One Web Standards
    Websites for UA colleges and schools, non-academic departments, service & administrative units.
  • Level Two Web Standards
    Websites for all academic departments, research insititutes, centers and bureaus. Also includes UA committees, organizations and official student organizations.
  • Level Three Web Standards
    Websites which include course specific information such as curriculum, syllabi, faculty (including adjunct faculty and graduate teaching assistants) bios and CVs, UA sponsored conferences symposia and exhibition websites.
  • University Relations Web Branding Standards
    Requirements for adding the UA banner to UA websites.

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