Adaptive, Responsive, and Mobile-Ready Design

UA Bootstrap

UA Bootstrap with Frankie Reynoso
UA Bootstrap is the University of Arizona’s flavor of Twitter Bootstrap, a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. This presentation demonstrated the improvements that have been made to UA Bootstrap recently.   
Frankie Reynoso is one of the Web Designers on the UA Digital team. He is also part of the Campus Web Services team. The UA Digital shared assets team is a cross functional team tasked with developing shared digital assets for the University.

An Event Apart and Drupageddon


Leadership team officer elections are held twice a year (Dec. and Jun.). In December, Co-chair and Website Developer are up for election. Nominations are now open. You may nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission). See the charter (PDF)  for duties of the officers. Current officers—Co-chair , Mark Harmon, and Web Developer, Jonathan Santos—have not indicated if they will run again.

Report from An Event Apart in Orlando PLUS Drupalpocalypse

Mark Fischer will share his experience at An Event Apart in Orlando which he describes as a “design conference focused on the web” and “fan-bleeping-tastic!”
NOTE that the meeting is scheduled to run a little longer than usual to allow for time to share information and experience regarding the recent Drupal core vulnerability, a.k.a. Drupalpocalypse / Drupalgeddon.