Adaptive, Responsive, and Mobile-Ready Design

UA Web Branding

by Tom Bourgeois, Executive Director for Campus IT (Office of the CIO), and Barrett Baffert, Director of Digital Marketing (University Relations)

  • Introduce Barrett & Tom
  • Review specific projects
    • Sub-brand redesign (aka College, schools and departments) — our objectives
    • Hosted web fonts — how to use them
  • Discuss where and how can we involve developers earlier in process

SXSW 2014 (June 11, 2014)

SXSW 2014 - From the front line.

Matt Harmon presented information and inspiration from SXSW 2014; specifically, innovative and useful ways to incorporate social media and multimedia to enhance your digital presence.

Social media has matured to the point where ROI is no longer a topic -- social media is a fully accepted component of media, not something new and novel on the sidelines.

Take a look at what NASA is doing - a prime example of a formerly-hidebound organization that has jumped into new media and is using it very effectively.


Matt Harmon - presentation of the trends he saw at SXSW2014 in Austin, TX this past March. Matt will compare major trends from last year with those from this year. His presentation will include a brief explanation of SXSW Interactive and its significance.

Redesign of the Center for Creative Photography Website (13-March-2013)


In Spring of 2012, a small project team took on a 6-month redesign challenge. This presentation will outline the process we used to complete a website overhaul for the Center for Creative Photography. We developed a purpose, target audience, personas, primary tasks, and scenarios. We conducted a competitive analysis, surveyed users, interviewed stakeholders, and created an information architecture and fresh content. We evaluated the design by means of remote card sorting and usability testing. Finally, we established and implemented a sustainable content strategy.

Adaptive/Responsive UA Drupal 7 Theme Using Omega

Rebecca Macaulay, Web site Developer/Graphic Artist for the Student Affairs Systems Group (SASG), gave a talk demonstrating how to create an Adaptive/Responsive UA Drupal 7 Theme Using Omega as the base theme.

I believe it is correct to say that her themes will be made available after being vetted by External Relations. More on this in the Sept. 12 meeting.

Omega Tools:

Mobile Websites


Next month: Matt Munsey on Video

January: Intro to AppScan

Also we will be electing secretary and chair next month.  Please send your nominations or volunteer yourself for one of the positions.

The Leadership Team will be discussing next years topics next month.