An Event Apart and Drupageddon


Leadership team officer elections are held twice a year (Dec. and Jun.). In December, Co-chair and Website Developer are up for election. Nominations are now open. You may nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission). See the charter (PDF)  for duties of the officers. Current officers—Co-chair , Mark Harmon, and Web Developer, Jonathan Santos—have not indicated if they will run again.

UA Web Branding


  • Website Awards: nominations are open; awards to be announced in December
  • IT Summit coming up before the next meeting; there’s still time to sign up with lunch included

Discussion on UA Website Branding

with Barrett Baffert (New - Director, Digital Marketing, University Relations) and Tom Bourgeois: (Executive Director, Campus IT Operations)

Report from An Event Apart in Orlando PLUS Drupalpocalypse

Mark Fischer will share his experience at An Event Apart in Orlando which he describes as a “design conference focused on the web” and “fan-bleeping-tastic!”
NOTE that the meeting is scheduled to run a little longer than usual to allow for time to share information and experience regarding the recent Drupal core vulnerability, a.k.a. Drupalpocalypse / Drupalgeddon.

Javascript Visualization, UA Branding and Open Forum

July 9, 2014 - Officers in attendance Matt H, Jonathan S, Laura L, Mark F - Presenter.

Q: Any news on UA branding requirements for websites?

A: Web developers working in External Relations have been given no information. Vendor, Ology, is doing everything. UA staff is not part of the process.

You can’t go by the current look of the home page: it’s not final. It’s currently being evaluated and there may be a v2 in Aug. or Sept. Newest logo lockups are final but no word on web banners.

University Relations Preview of the new website (Apr. 9, 2014)

Misha Harrison presented excerpts from the powerpoint presentation on the new branding that was given to MarCom a few weeks earlier, the new site was briefly previewed.

Top - level design is all that is currently contracted. This is a 1.0 - reskinning. Later will come a complete restructuring and rethinking of the main web presence.

Drupal Workshop Series - Dynamic content creation (Mar. 12, 2014)

March 12 Webmasters meeting

Officers present: Mike H., Jonathan S., Margrit M.

Advisors present: Mark F.




(1) UA Webmasters will hold a special meeting, probably next week, for UA Marketing to present information about web branding and the new site. Stay tuned for details.


(2) BioCommunications will be posting a web-related job announcement soon.

This is a great group to work for. Stay tuned for details.


Redesign of the Center for Creative Photography Website (13-March-2013)


In Spring of 2012, a small project team took on a 6-month redesign challenge. This presentation will outline the process we used to complete a website overhaul for the Center for Creative Photography. We developed a purpose, target audience, personas, primary tasks, and scenarios. We conducted a competitive analysis, surveyed users, interviewed stakeholders, and created an information architecture and fresh content. We evaluated the design by means of remote card sorting and usability testing. Finally, we established and implemented a sustainable content strategy.