EDS, WebAuth, Shibboleth, NetID, and LDAP


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Introduction of leadership team members: M. Hagdon, M. Harmon, J. Santos, L. LePere

Presentation – NetID+ from service provider point of view.
Gary Windham, systems architect at UITS.

NetID+ is 2 factor authentication: something you know and something you have. Currently optional. 700 people have subscribed so far. Will gain traction when app developers require it.

Drupal Syndication

Do you want to bring RSS feeds into your Drupal site? Do you want to send your content out as a Feed? Would you like to grab news items from UA News and bang out nodes from them? Is there a blog you'd like your site to "subscribe to"?

Maybe there's a wad of records you'd like on your website, and those records exist in the form of a spreadsheet. Can you bring these in and make nodes out of them, without having to enter them by hand?

Can you use Feeds to migrate content from one Drupal site to another?