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Javascript Visualization, UA Branding and Open Forum

July 9, 2014 - Officers in attendance Matt H, Jonathan S, Laura L, Mark F - Presenter.

Q: Any news on UA branding requirements for websites?

A: Web developers working in External Relations have been given no information. Vendor, Ology, is doing everything. UA staff is not part of the process.

You can’t go by the current look of the home page: it’s not final. It’s currently being evaluated and there may be a v2 in Aug. or Sept. Newest logo lockups are final but no word on web banners.

Guidelines for Better Web Graphics


  - Elections: if you'd like to get more involved with WDG, two offices are up for re-election next month - Co-Chair and Website Developer. Also, our Secretary position is vacant at the moment.

  - We need topics!

  - The next meeting of the Python Study Group is next Friday @ 2:30.

  - WDG will be supporting the website and UA Drupal listserv. More details to follow.

Presentation: Web Graphics, Christine Scheer, SBS Tech (handout attached)

Video on the Web


  • Next month: AppScan (Gil Salazar)


  • Co-Chair: Samrat Miller (unanimous)

  • Website Developer: Mark Fischer (unanimous)


  • We should do a social event quarterly or every semester or so, so we get to know one another better and what expertise we all have.



Video on the Web

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