Javascript including jQuery and AJAX

Javascript Debugging: Witty Subtitle Here

Alerts getting you down? Frustrated with “cannot call method foo of unknown”? Wondering why it Just. Doesn’t. Work! on your iPhone? Join me (Mark Fischer) as we investigate some of the ways available to us for figuring out why Javascript is misbehaving.  We’ll look at alternatives to the venerable alert() function, consoles, inspectors and step through the debugger. Bring a good pair of shoes!

Javascript Visualization, UA Branding and Open Forum

July 9, 2014 - Officers in attendance Matt H, Jonathan S, Laura L, Mark F - Presenter.

Q: Any news on UA branding requirements for websites?

A: Web developers working in External Relations have been given no information. Vendor, Ology, is doing everything. UA staff is not part of the process.

You can’t go by the current look of the home page: it’s not final. It’s currently being evaluated and there may be a v2 in Aug. or Sept. Newest logo lockups are final but no word on web banners.

Making JavaScript Easy: An Introduction to jQuery


  • Next month Justin Spargur from the University Libraries will present on Mobile Websites.
  • In December the Co-Chair and Website Developer leadership positions expire, so we will be holding elections. Please let the current leadership team know if you would like to run for one of those positions, or nominate someone for a position.


Presentation: Making JavaScript Easy: An Introduction to jQuery (see attached PowerPoint presentation)