Open Forum

Open Forum

  Next month: Web Graphics, Christine Scheer, SBSTech

Open Forum discussion points:
   More detailed discussion of what we all do in the field of web development
   Laying off of UITS Web Services and implications for campus
   How can we better serve web developers on campus? E.g., would it help to convert the mailing list to a forum?
   Announcement of Python Study Group

Upcoming Meeting Topics

Monthly Meetings Update: November meeting will be cancelled since it falls on Veterans Day


Elections were held for two positions: Co-chair and Web Developer. Matt Munsey (Fine Arts) will be the new Co-chair and Cheri Darling will be the Web Developer. Tracey Hummel is now a group advisor.

Job Classification Study and UA Web Developers Group Introduction

  • Explanation of group creation and purpose
  • Introductions of interim officers
  • Introduction of everyone in attendance


Job Classification Study

Christy Drake from Human Resources was present to discuss job descriptions and structure within the Technology area. The main IT group has several subgroups. Since the job descriptions were created in the early 1990's, a job description / job title for "Web Designer" does not exist.