Javascript Debugging: Witty Subtitle Here

Alerts getting you down? Frustrated with “cannot call method foo of unknown”? Wondering why it Just. Doesn’t. Work! on your iPhone? Join me (Mark Fischer) as we investigate some of the ways available to us for figuring out why Javascript is misbehaving.  We’ll look at alternatives to the venerable alert() function, consoles, inspectors and step through the debugger. Bring a good pair of shoes!



  • You need to scan your applications with AppScan by the end of the fiscal year.
  • External Relations is going to be working with a consultant to develop a detailed web style guide and Drupal themes.


  • Tracey Hummel has been selected as Website Developer
  • Mark Fischer has been selected to be Co-Chair
  • Secretary is still vacant


Elections - Scampi 2000 - The Scalable Multipurpose Interocitor

UA Web Developers 2011 Jun 08

Elections: The Chair and Secretary positions are due for elections.
Mike Hagedon nominated himself for Chair, vote was unanimous.
No nominations for the Secretary position. This position is now vacant.

Scampi 2000
The Scalable Multipurpose Interocitor
Joey Leingang and Jason Katterhenry

See attached presentation - PDF 5.5MB

Q. How do you recommend someone learn Python?
A. Give them a reason... Django. See