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ARIA Made Easy


UA Web Branding: The group will not meeting this Friday but will meet again starting May 22.

Presentation: ARIA Made Easy

Presenter: Jeff Bishop - IT accessibility analyst for the Disability Resources Center and previously with UITS.

The presentation followed the ARIA Made Easy page on (also available at the alias

ARIA Made Easy

Jeff Bishop of the Disability Resource Center will be presenting on using ARIA to improve web accessibility.

As you are developing web-based technologies here at the University of Arizona you should utilize as much accessible technology and tools that you can to insure the widest accessible experience for all of our users. ARIA is one way to accomplish this task. This presentation is designed to guide you in the use of ARIA and to point you to a wealth of additional resources where you can learn more.

The following things will be discussed:

UA Web Branding


  • Website Awards: nominations are open; awards to be announced in December
  • IT Summit coming up before the next meeting; there’s still time to sign up with lunch included

Discussion on UA Website Branding

with Barrett Baffert (New - Director, Digital Marketing, University Relations) and Tom Bourgeois: (Executive Director, Campus IT Operations)

UA Web Branding

by Tom Bourgeois, Executive Director for Campus IT (Office of the CIO), and Barrett Baffert, Director of Digital Marketing (University Relations)

  • Introduce Barrett & Tom
  • Review specific projects
    • Sub-brand redesign (aka College, schools and departments) — our objectives
    • Hosted web fonts — how to use them
  • Discuss where and how can we involve developers earlier in process

Javascript Visualization, UA Branding and Open Forum

July 9, 2014 - Officers in attendance Matt H, Jonathan S, Laura L, Mark F - Presenter.

Q: Any news on UA branding requirements for websites?

A: Web developers working in External Relations have been given no information. Vendor, Ology, is doing everything. UA staff is not part of the process.

You can’t go by the current look of the home page: it’s not final. It’s currently being evaluated and there may be a v2 in Aug. or Sept. Newest logo lockups are final but no word on web banners.

Adaptive/Responsive UA Drupal 7 Theme Using Omega

Rebecca Macaulay, Web site Developer/Graphic Artist for the Student Affairs Systems Group (SASG), gave a talk demonstrating how to create an Adaptive/Responsive UA Drupal 7 Theme Using Omega as the base theme.

I believe it is correct to say that her themes will be made available after being vetted by External Relations. More on this in the Sept. 12 meeting.

Omega Tools: