Treistman Center, Web Accessibility, Content Management

Wednesday, January 10, 2007
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Treistman Center

Jeff Case,
Attachment: Treistman Center for New Media (pdf)

Jeff Case from the Treistman Center showed a video that presented the services offered at Treistman including:

  • Recording studio
  • 3d imaging & reverse engineering
  • Entertainment technology
  • Motion capture
  • 3d visualization
  • Virtual reality
  • ePortfolio (allows students, staff, and faculty to post their artwork)

Treistman is focused on assisting researchers but does work with departments as well. They develop websites and multimedia.


Web Accessibility:

Disability Resource Center
Dawn Hunziker,

  • Dawn provides workshops on how to make websites accessible to people with disabilities. The next workshop is at the end of January.
  • The initiative to make UA websites accessible started in 2001 with federal laws requiring all agencies that receive federal funding to have a accessible web site. UA policy also requires that official UA sites be accessible to people with disabilities
  • When the project first started, all websites off of the UA Departments list were tested: ( This test only checked for the basics, like missing alt tags and tested only the homepage for the site. 20% passed.
  • Recently, the list was tested again using a much more extensive test. 40% passed (2000 homepages passed, 2800 failed)
  • Dawn gave a demo of the Wave Accessibility Tool: Also a demo of the Jaws speech reader to demonstrate how vision impaired people hear your website and illustrated the problems that the lack of ALT tags causes. Dawn talked about common problems like “jump to” menus and Image Verification.
  • AccuVerify Accessibility checker is available to UA department webmasters to run on their PCs. DRC can also run an accessibility test and give a report on the site.
  • Dawn emphasized the need to make a good faith effort to make your site accessible and to provide contact information so people can contact you if they can not access information.

Content Management

Content Management
Tracey Hummel,

The benefits of a Content Management System were briefly discussed

  • A short demo of the typo3 content management system was presented: