Virtual Reality

Thursday, March 13, 2008


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Virtual Reality

Presentor: Gary Mackender
Office of Student Computing Resources (OSCR)

  • OSCR is now under UITS (University Information Technology Services). OSCR's mission is to put technology into the hands of UA students but OSCR resources are also available to faculty & staff.
  • OSCR provides 3 open access Multimedia Labs. All computers are accessed with your NetID. Most professional Multimedia software programs are available including two VR stitching programs. The VR Annex, also an OSCR Multimedia Lab, is not an open access lab but is a resource for all students, faculty and staff. VR equipment can be checked out there with a UA NetID. The VR Annex is located in the Computer Center, room 337.
  • The VR Annex can create content for you at no cost as long as your project is for instructional, research or a course project. The VR Annex can also loan you the necessary equipment and give technical support on how to use it. You can view the Gear-To-Go equipment on the VR Annex web site. (If you're looking for other kinds of gear such as video and audio gear to check out, visit
  • There are two types of VR: Object and Environmental.
  • Object is taking digital images of an object from many different angles and then stitching them together to produce a quicktime movie for the web or other applications. An object is placed on a turntable that is moved in precise increments and shot with a still image camera. A turntable is available in the VR Annex as Gear-To-Go site:
  • Environmental: the camera is rotated to take digital images of an environment. A special VR Head is placed on a tripod to move the camera in precise increments, with an image taken at each degree. The images are then stitiched together using either Realviz Stitcher or VR Worx.
  • Both of these software programs are available in OSCR's Multimedia Learning Lab, The Multimedia Zone and the Multimedia Classroom. Go here to check out lab locations and hours:
  • Photoshop now has a photo merge that allows you to merge photos to create a panorama image. Although it doesn't create a true 360 degree panorama it stitches images almost seamlessly.
  • Quicktime videos can be linkable to a website, another web page or to another quicktime video. Hotspot linking of an environmental VR within another VR creates a walk-through of the environment.
  • The VR Annex has many VR images that can be used on a UA website as long as credit is given and it is not for a commercial project. You can check out images here:


Adobe Photoshop CS3
VR Worx
Realviz Stitcher Unlimited

OSCR lab locations and hours

VR Worx

Jasper VR Head

Bogen VR Head

for more resources go to: