Web Building Tools

  • How many people will be editing your website? 
  • What type of skills do they have?
  • Do you need addionial functionally added like: blogs, forums, calendars, wiki, etc.
  • Dreamweaver
    Dreamweaver is a commercial web development product sold by Adobe. Dreamweaver costs $135 for a UA department through the Bookstore per computer install.   You can only update the website for a computer with an installed copy of Dreamweaver.  It is a good choice to smaller websites that have only one or a couple of people updating content. It is possible to add additional functionally.
  • Drupal
    Drupal is free, open source software.  Drupal is a CMS - so if you're building a site that needs a lot of content  editors or is going to have people managing the content who don't know or don't want to learn HTML, this might be a good choice.  You can updated a drupal site from anywhere using just a browser.  Drupal offers lots of plugins and extensions like a blog, calendar, and forum. So if you think the site is going to have all those things eventually this might be a good choice.
  • WordPress [blog] 
    If your only requirement is to write a personal blog, you may also want to evaluate one of the more specialized blogging platforms like WordPress. WordPress is first and foremost a blogging tool. Yes, lots of people are starting to use it to manage their entire site, but most of the time you can tell these sites because they look like blogs. They might have 1 or 2 static pages, but typically the blog is the most important part of a WordPress site. If that's what your site is, then this is a good solution.
  • Wiki
    If your only requirement is to create a wiki, you should probably consider using dedicated wiki software like MediaWiki or a hosted wiki solution. You can certainly configure Drupal so that anyone can edit content (and even enable advanced features of systems like MediaWiki with the help of several contributed modules like wikitools and Diff), but it may be simpler for you to use a more specialized solution.
  • Forums
    If your only requirement is to host discussion forums, you will want to consider a system such as SimpleMachines or phpBB with a mature set of Forum features, or Vanilla which has many plug-ins, although Drupal's forum module with forum enhancement modules may be better suited to extension if you'll need custom features.