2016 Website Awards Nominee: UA Admissions

UA Admissions



  • - Barrett Baffert (project manager)
  • - Adrienne Barela (content/copy editor)
  • - Markos Iordanopoulos (business analyst)
  • - Gene Lyman (developer)
  • - Rebecca Macaulay (developer/project manager)
  • - Andrea Martinez (designer)
  • - Elia Nazarenko (systems administrator)


  • You Are Here
  • Prettiest

Nominating Comments:

(1) The effort of this site's creation spanned at least 4 units and took over a year to conceive and develop. The content is so clean that it received a glowing review from the University's Disability Resource Center. It also uses the latest guidelines from the UA Digital initiative and even contributed new patterns to the guidelines.

(2) Elegant design, intuitive navigation. Much more user friendly than its predecessor, this site represents the UA well as site that prospective students spend most of their time on until they are enrolled.

(3) Vibrant colors and gorgeous pictures grace the UA Admissions website which entices prospect students to apply and ultimately choose UA. Definitely the prettiest design!!

(4) This website is inviting, inspiring and easy to use.