Xaraya CMS & Typo3 CMS

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Xaraya CMS

Mike Hagedon
Physiology Webmaster

Xaraya Information site:

  • Mike gave a presentation of the Physiology website that was built using Xaraya Content Management System. They are using the CMS to allow faculty members to post course material.
  • Xaraya is an open source CMS built using PHP with and mySQL or other DBs. It has a high learning curve; good Xaraya community support; don't need to know php unless you need to make modifications to the code. Estimated learning curve -- a few weeks.

Typo3 CMS

Tracey Hummel

  • Tracey gave a presentation of the typo3 Content Management System. Typo3 was used to develop the new CCIT website.
  • Typo3 is open source using php and mysql; provides a 'backend' for administration, template creating, adding extensions, creating workflows. "Frontend' provides editing functions to make it easy for people without html skills to post and manage web pages; provides hundreds of extensions to add functionally [http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/fulllist/]. Allows blocks of content or pages to be repurposed on other pages; automatically generated menus; allows start & stop dates to be applied to pages or blocks of content.
  • Typo3 can be installed in a web.arizona.edu user account. High learning curve for backend administration -- setting up templates, user accounts, configurations. Good documentation online; Typo3 book available for loan; good typo3 community support; Estimated learning curve -- 100 - 200 hours depending on complexity of site

Comments comparing the Xaraya & Typo3:

  • Xaraya pages are more structured; the input from the faculty members is form based; Typo3 allows for free form input from users; less structured pages although an exetnsion can be written for typo3 to provide structured, form-based input.
  • Typo3 is more complex and expandable; meant to be enterprise wide; allows for multiple domains/websites within a single installations of the software.
  • much less learning curve for Xaraya

Update on Web Developers Job Descriptions:
  • Work on developing the job descriptions is in progress but is in the beginning stages; it appears at this time it is going in the direction of having two tracks -- one web design and one web development. Christy Drake from Human Resources will present again to the UA Web Developers Group at a future meeting.